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Kwame Alexander

The Undefeated

Fiction | Poem | Adult | Published in 2019

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Literary Device Questions

1. What literary device does Alexander rely on the most in this poem?

A) Repetition

B) Simile

C) Onomatopoeia

D) Rhyme

2. What literary device is Alexander utilizing when he refers to historical figures through their words and images?

A) Personification

B) Irony

C) Symbolism

D) Allusion

3. What kind of poem is this?

A) Ballad

B) Sonnet

C) Elegy

D) Ode

4. What literary device is Alexander utilizing when he writes the words “This is for” at the beginning of most of the lines?

A) Anaphora

B) Apostrophe

C) Juxtaposition

D) Parallelism